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The Maritime Consulting Group Spain is a leading business and technology consultancy, specialised in the Shipping and Transportation industry, focusing on Strategy and Management of business transformation, and efficiency-oriented to outcome and achieving success.





Transport Advisors & Maritime Consultants

Strategic and Expert Consultancy

Specialised in approach and implementation of Strategic Management Processes (SMP), definition and restructuring of Strategic Business Units (SBU), Managing Directors and Interim/Project Management for the maritime sector and Transportation industry. Maritime Consulting Group Spain joins a prestigious and selected team of independent experts in their respective professional areas: Founders, Managing Directors and Board Members of several Transportation companies specialising in the transport of passengers and freight, as Shipowners, Ship Agents, Freight Forwarders, and Shipping Brokers. Hands-on experience of the Supply Chain and Logistics, Warehousing, Distribution, and Surface transport; the Tourism sector, founded metropolitan and touristic maritime lines for passengers, managed the acquisition and merger of travel agencies; and the Strategic Consulting Business. Over 25 years of professional and business expertise with the industry best practices in the Transportation sector, having held Senior Managing responsibilities in several Groups and Shipping Corporations in Europe (since 1987), and Overseas (Latin America, 1997-2001).

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Boutique Consulting Firm

Maritime Consulting Group Spain offers a comprehensive and highly specialized service to our clients, in order to optimize their transformation, whatever their corporate objectives. Helping to transport companies and shipping corporations that need it, from the beginning, through our Strategic method of Innovation and Growth, to discover and explore their Unique Selling Proposition (USP), understanding its true market positioning, with the most innovative management tools and strategic skills. Always focused on the reality of the business sector of Transportation, to which we belong, and where we have developed over 25 years our professional activity, with the best practices in the industry. Achieving valuable knowledge and expertise in this regard, as well as personal and professional relationships, a broad and specialized know-how / know-who in this sector, which is hard to find in other generalist consulting firms.

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Strategic Marketing

Differentiation of products and services, market segmentation, brand positioning, the three pillars on which rests the reality of modern Strategic Marketing, must be defined, and redefined, and placed in working order. From simple Restyling and strengthening of our brands to the Branding and Co-Branding;  active management of a real communication media, with creative actions of high impact and low cost, and regular but selective release of Newsletters; or the deep and inescapable definition and development of Strategic Business Units (SBU); to the formulation and reformulation of Marketing Plans and Sales Actions, because without clearly and defined goals, the success is just a matter of luck… and failure a question of time. Are just some of our strategic skills to achieve business success, also in our sector. Strategic Marketing Tools that is necessary need to know how to deploy and combine effectively together, to reach tools and skills working for us. But most important, and first of all: without a personal commitment, profound change, consistent with the professional plan, it is not possible to achieve the vision and the right direction in business, allowing us to achieve differentiation and positioning, which leads us to business success.

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Digital Marketing Boutique

Consequence of the above, indeed it is often the need for a Digital Marketing, which we also offer to our clients, specialized and focused in the maritime and transportation sector. In Maritime Consulting Group Spain we can design and create your corporate website, so that you can get a growing community of prospects and customers to your business, thereby fostering loyalty and connection with your brand. Whether as part of a broader action of a Digital Marketing plan, or not. In any event, our large and proven experience in the transportation sector, leads us to ensure full focus of your website with the sector it belongs. Best of all, an offer that is very hard to find in the market at today: our more than 25 years experience in the Transport sector, ensuring that your strategy of Digital Marketing is a Boutique, highly specialized and focused on the industry that your company and brand belongs, based on a large and recognized expertise in the maritime and the transportation sector, and on a broad base of professional relations and contacts.

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Project Management · Interim Management

In Maritime Consulting Group Spain we can take care of the management and administration of maritime and transportation projects, with highly specialized, professional and expert systems approach for the Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling. Whether for long-term projects or Interim Management. With over 25 years of professional experience in the industry of Transportation, Maritime Consulting Group Spain provides not only the accurate know-how and expertise, but thorough and deep knowledge of the industry and its prominent and relevant professionals, a broad portfolio business, with personal and professional contacts. What certainly is a wealth, expertise and know-who, decisive in achieving business success. Added value that can hardly be found in the market, or in other non-specialist and generalist consulting firms. That way Maritime Consulting Group Spain remain a boutique firm, highly specialized and focused on the transport sector.

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Audits for the Excellence in a Ferry Service

Independent and Expert Audits for an Excellence Ferry Service, to test the shipping lines and customer services, the customer satisfaction with tailored audits and polls with undercover tests in the ferry service, controlling from the proper and safety ferry operations, the vessel operations in ports and navigation, to handling for passengers and vehicles, and services on board, etc. Since, according to Peter Drucker “there is only one valid definition of business: create a customer“, we offer a complete systematic evaluation and measurement of the shipping services offered in connection with customer expectations. The brand positioning, product differentiation and service, or market segmentation is actually put on the table every time the company staff dealing with the customer, however great the Strategic Marketing of the firm. Thus, Customer Service has become the true witness of our product differentiation, and the decisive element in retaining customers, and loyalty for the company to gain or lose our clients for the competition.

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